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Three Strikes poster

Posters designed to warn of the dangers of anti-social behaviour on a night out in Exeter.

The three strikes project was developed by Exeter Safety Partnership & Devon & Cornwall Police to provide simple information on acceptable behaviour in the pubs and clubs of Exeter.

The project used a three strike warning system for anti-social behaviour with police officers able to issue initial warnings, then yellow and finally red cards to consistent offenders of anti-social behaviour. The visual illustrative style of the posters were designed to state simply what is acceptable behaviour using illustrations of a drunk girl, fighting and abuse to door staff.

One Bright Spark has worked on a range of posters that deal with real everyday issues and communicate in a striking style.

Promoting your message with traditional posters still very much catch the eye and help spread your key message/s. Great graphic design aimed specifically at your target audience will ensure your poster stands out, gets noticed and helps create interest in your message.

Promote a key message or product for your organisation with a well designed poster specifically aimed at your target group by contacting us today.

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