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The 60 second internet

It's amazing what can be achieved in 60 seconds!

I stumbled across these great info-graphics which show a snapshot of 60 seconds on-line.

The amount of invisible data flying around in the air through our wi-fi connections is pretty hectic and is only going to continue to increase with 4G and tomorrows technology.

There are no real surprises with the information data shown and even more proof (as if we needed it) that we are an online and connected world 24/7 365 which shows no signs of slowing down.

Check out the info-graphics:

60 seconds internet 2

Published 2011

The 60 second purchases on the internet

Published 2011

An update for 2013

The above info-graphics were produced 2 years ago and we all know how fast technology moves! The major increase in 2 years, as can be expected, is the doubling of our social media usage as everyone get's social online!

We have the usual social media activity with 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, 41,000 Facebook post every second and 1.8 million likes, 278,000 tweets, 11,000 active Pinterest users and 11,000 professional searches on LinkedIn.

On our web searching activity there are 2 million Google searches (other search engines are available) but there is no indication of what is being searched for. This is understandable as this is a constantly moving goal post (and possible an idea for another One Bright Spark blog post?)

Taking of blog post there are 347 new WordPress blog post (one of which is this) and 70 new domains registered which makes you wonder when the domain names will eventually run out.

Business are still getting themselves online with 70 new domains registered and 571 new websites created which is a little surprising as I would have thought there would be a closer correlation between the two.

Amazon and Walmart keep up the trend of online purchases continuing to take over the high street retail market with $43,000 spent on Amazon and 17,000 transactions with Walmart.

Click on below image for the large version

Online in 60 seconds infographic

Published July 2013

Perhaps we need a real time version that refreshes every 60 seconds? Now there is an idea for a web app!

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