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Social media explained with donuts!

If you haven't participated in social media yet have you been living under a rock?

Just a couple of years ago no one talked about tweets, pins, likes +1s, post but these terms are commonly used everyday.

If somehow you still don't haven't joined the social media conversation this post aims to help you understand tweets, pins and post!

Let's explain social media with donuts to give you an understanding of the different channels!

Further post will explore the best usage and benefits for your business but this is intended as a basic introduction to the world of social media for those that have been in hiding!

Facebook donutFacebook

I like donuts

Twitter DonutTwitter

Right now I'm eating a donut

LinkedIn donutLinkedIn

My skills are eating donuts and other stuff

Google+ donutGoogle+

I like 

Pinterest donutPinterest

Let me share this great donut recipe

YouTube donutYouTube

Check out this video of me eating donuts


People can't resist donuts or social media!

As an example Facebook has 1.2 billion active users worldwide, 33 million in the UK alone with over 50% of the population using it. Twitter has 140 million (and growing) users worldwide and 6.6 million active UK users.

* Figures correct at 01/2013.

Social media has brought about a new method of connecting and engaging with people on-line.

Social Media design, branding & strategy from Exeter's One Bright SparkCustomers talk to other customers and sometimes you may be excluded from the conversation. Knowing that people are talking about you is valuable but not actionable and understanding why they are talking is the real goal and social media offers us the chance to engage when appropriate. Publicising company services via our on-line communications is proving to be very popular and enables us to promote our company to even wider (and sometimes hard to reach) audiences.

An estimated 1.5 billion people are now active on social media websites with personal accounts as well as business based accounts. You'd be surprised how found people become of their social media profiles and activity online and for some it is like a drug and they are very much addicted! This addiction has been enhanced with smart phones and quicker, easier to access WIFI and everyday technology is getting quicker and smarter which makes it even easier for users.

Social media conversations aren't just chit chat though and social media has an effective use in business to help you spread the word and advertise your products and services. Reach even a tiny portion of the people hanging out on the various social media channels and you could draw huge traffic to your website!


Social Media Design, Branding & Strategy from One Bright Spark, Exeter, DevonIt's time to join the party

You can’t join in the conversation unless you're where the conversation is, so you need to join and get social online. The social media sites listed here are all FREE to join and can really help you and your business but they do need a little investment in time and stamina to keep using these channels and slowly build an audience. If you decide to get involved please stick with it as there is nothing more frustrating for end users in trying to converse with no reply because you have given up and potentially lost a new customer.

Start off by joining one or two of the most popular sites and get talking - you'll be an online social media guru before you know it connecting and engaging with your audience.

Below is a brief overview of the most popular social media sites worth joining to help promote your business.



Facebook Page Design by One Bright SparkFacebook

1.2 billion users shows how much Facebook has become part of people's everyday life worldwide. Facebook is great for spreading the word about your brand and is a good choice if you are starting out.

You can use it to reach your customers by regularly adding content, status updates and holding events. You can post comments, photos and video to encourage your followers to like your post/business page and become a fan of your business and services.


AMB Driving Tuition Twitter Page designed by One Bright SparkTwitter

Twitter is a bit like an advanced text messaging service where you are limited to 140 character tweets but has extra features like Geo (location) tagging, ability to add photos and much more. It should be used for instant updates on what you are doing and also to share and distribute content which your followers may find interesting.

It is a great tool to use if you want to establish yourself as a leader in your field and industry expert. If you follow other industry related Tweeters and share quality insights, statistics and useful links you can quickly build a following.


Medical & Legal LinkedIn page design by One Bright SparkLinkedIn

LinkedIn is great for business to business contacts and professionals and a great networking online tool. You can use it to connect with colleagues, peers and other businesses in the world’s largest professional network.

LinkedIn has more than 175 million active members in 200 countries and you are able to make new connections through your own existing ones or by joining groups or participating in conversations related to your industry. Most people use it as an online CV also as it is a great please to showcase your own professional skills and qualifications.



One Bright Spark on Google+Google+

Google+ offers an alternative to Facebook and a more streamlined user interface which allows you share, chat, like and video conference in what google calls hang outs. The advantage Google+ has over Facebook is that it is much easier to set up groups such as family, friends, work colleagues and more intuitively control who you share content with.

As Google controls a significant of online information  it is worth setting up a Google+ account and linking it other google services. It has grown slowly and is still not quite as popular as Facebook but is gaining new users with 90 million users*

* Figures correct at 01/2013.


One Bright Spark on PinterestPinterest

Pinterest is a great visual sharing social media based on sharing photos/images of anything you are interested in. It allows you to share (or pin) items to your pin board which others can open, re-pin or like and share. You could share images of your products and business and build up a great picture of your brand.

If you are a visual person then this could be the right social media channel for you and if you share some stunning images that are really interesting you again can build a good following.

Pinterest has been especially popular among females, who account for 60% of users, and has been really popular as a window shopping online tool to browse before purchase.


One Bright Spark on You Tube


A couple of years ago few would have thought that an online video sharing service - YouTube would be taking over our TV screens but it continues to grow in popularity and is available (alongside other social media) on most new internet-enabled TV's and continues to dominate online video.

Every second 46,296 YouTube videos are watched all around the world and in just 8 years it has transformed the web from mono media to multimedia. YouTube videos can be embedded in blogs, websites and online stores and eCommerce websites that include product video reviews tend to produce better sales than those without.

With a staggering 800 million monthly visitors and 4 billion hours of video viewed per month YouTube is worth adding to your marketing channels to offer video content about your company and services.


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Make your blog the jewell in the crown for your online communications.

Are you ruling your online domain?
Your blog is your online kingdom, where your thoughts, feelings (& expertise) dwell so ensure you govern it well. A blog is perfect for creating interactive conversations whilst also increasing your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (search engine rankings in laymans terms).

This post gives a little information on why you should blog and provides an easy to use checklist to help you plan your blog content, make it interesting and engage with your readers.

There are a range of marketing channels which can generate traffic to your site but a well written blog offering content of real value is a great channel for attracting visitors and increasing your search engine rankings and ensures that you show you are king of your domain.

Your blog should offer quality valuable information aimed at your target audience which will help to promote your brand values and build respect and trust, proving that you are the expert in your field, profession, or industry. A blog about how your products/services can solve a problem whilst pointing out all the benefits allows your customers to make an informed decision ensuring that when they need your business area it is your service that comes to mind first.

Regal, rich and magnificent content will bring with it an increase in subscribers and sales from your site. Loyal servants (customers) of the crown can make comments on your posts, creating a conversation and encourage interaction to enable you to reinforce your brand and rule your kingdom!

Blogging Checklist

The below blogging checklist (produced by the whole brain group) will help you get started to think about what you want to blog about, your audience and what they may want to read. Check out the checklist below to get started:

Blogging Checklist 1 from One Bright Spark

Once you have you content ideas, you know who you are writing for and what they will want to read, then you can plan your actual written content itself. Make sure the content achieves your business goals, helps to develop relationships and adds your own personality and is enhanced further with great visuals to enhance your content. Visually stimulating imagery such as info-graphics, illustrations, graphs, photos or memes work really well and will engage more than lines and line sof text!

Try to use snappy short titles and structure your content in easy to digest chunks of text breaking paragraphs to give some white space and using bullets and quotes to make it even more enticing for the reader. Oh and don't forget to spell check and read it over a couple of times to make sure there are no obvious errors!

Great web design plays it part in your blog also and hopefully your blog will also be user friendly and easy to navigate with options for sharing the content on social media sites.

Blogging Checklist 2 from One Bright Spark

The next bit is almost important as the blog itself. By adding a little bit of SEO you will really help your blog post get found by the search engines. Try to focus on two or three keywords and include them in the title, use these words throughout the content and use them also in alt tags on images.

As always through don't try to cram these keywords everywhere as this won't make the post easy to read or be looked upon favourably by the search engines. Keep it simple and make sure it reads well and you can't go far wrong.

Finally don't forget to add a call to action to encourage engagement, seek feedback and ask others to share the post using social media. Once you have made the blog live share it yourself on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter and submit it to bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, sit back and wait for the traffic to come flowing to your website.

Blogging Checklist 2 from One Bright Spark

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It's amazing what can be achieved in 60 seconds!

I stumbled across these great info-graphics which show a snapshot of 60 seconds on-line.

The amount of invisible data flying around in the air through our wi-fi connections is pretty hectic and is only going to continue to increase with 4G and tomorrows technology.

There are no real surprises with the information data shown and even more proof (as if we needed it) that we are an online and connected world 24/7 365 which shows no signs of slowing down.

Check out the info-graphics:

60 seconds internet 2

Published 2011

The 60 second purchases on the internet

Published 2011

An update for 2013

The above info-graphics were produced 2 years ago and we all know how fast technology moves! The major increase in 2 years, as can be expected, is the doubling of our social media usage as everyone get's social online!

We have the usual social media activity with 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube, 41,000 Facebook post every second and 1.8 million likes, 278,000 tweets, 11,000 active Pinterest users and 11,000 professional searches on LinkedIn.

On our web searching activity there are 2 million Google searches (other search engines are available) but there is no indication of what is being searched for. This is understandable as this is a constantly moving goal post (and possible an idea for another One Bright Spark blog post?)

Taking of blog post there are 347 new WordPress blog post (one of which is this) and 70 new domains registered which makes you wonder when the domain names will eventually run out.

Business are still getting themselves online with 70 new domains registered and 571 new websites created which is a little surprising as I would have thought there would be a closer correlation between the two.

Amazon and Walmart keep up the trend of online purchases continuing to take over the high street retail market with $43,000 spent on Amazon and 17,000 transactions with Walmart.

Click on below image for the large version

Online in 60 seconds infographic

Published July 2013

Perhaps we need a real time version that refreshes every 60 seconds? Now there is an idea for a web app!

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