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All businesses want to attract visitors and increase traffic to their website but most internet users do not browse past the first few pages of their search results so solid SEO is very important for your website and business.

Don't let the google panda updates destroy your siteOne Bright Spark offer SEO strategies that ensure your site is optimised and easily accessible to the search engines improving your site indexing and ranking so it appears higher in the search results of the search engines. We use a range of techniques to achieve this and keep the search engines happy.

SEO can be a bit of a dark art and if SERPs, outbound, inbound, CTR, PPC, pandas, penguins, zebras, bots and spiders sound a little strange to you don’t panic as One Bright Spark can explain and ensure your site stays safe with effective SEO techniques.


Play by the rules of the search engines

No black hat techniques from One Bright SparkSome ‘so called’ SEO experts will try all sorts of tricks and techniques to cheat the search engines and rank their sites higher. These techniques are known as ‘black hat’, the search engines don’t appreciate them, and will highly penalise sites who use these methods to try to top the search engine charts.

Google Penguin SEO updateIf you are wondering what penguins, pandas and zebras have to do with SEO then wonder no more.
These animals have all been code names for Google’s ever changing algorithm updates which several sites have fallen foul to. Google continuously change the way they rank sites to make the search engine experience more relevant for searchers and also to fight back and destroy cheating black hat techniques.

One Bright Spark only use ‘white hat’ techniques and always follow the rules and guidelines set by the search engines to ensure your website is always looked at positively and ranked well. We achieve this with a combination of on-site and off-site SEO.


SEO built into the the DNA of our sites

SEO built into web design DNA from One Bright Spark Exeter, DevonA professionally designed website with optimised high quality content, using researched keywords and phrases that your customers are likely to search for, will provide an SEO friendly website that provides the right reputation for the search engines with good onsite SEO. One Bright Spark’s websites are designed with a solid SEO DNA built into the code and this should always be built upon with well written high quality content.


Regular high quality content for the search engines

blog website feature by one bright spark web designYour website should be regularly updated (search engines bots love fresh new data and a blog is a great start) with relevant content of value that is not only easy to read and customer focused but also search engine friendly and loved by the spiders that visit from the search engines.

A combination of on-site and off-site SEO is the perfect solution as one doesn’t work as well without the other. One Bright Spark can also develop your off-site SEO, with techniques such as link building using web directories and link exchanges, article writing (publishing your blogs on specialist sites), social media and other online marketing.

All SEO techniques have their own individual benefits but when used cohesively will be far more effective in increasing your rankings. The more you invest in SEO the better your rankings will be and once you have reach the dizzy heights of the search engine charts you need to keep building upon your reputation in order to sustain and increase your site visitors.


Track your visitors and monitor your rankings

Web maintenance google analyticsIt can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of an SEO campaign as it is very much in the hands of the search engines and their algorithms, methods and strategies. However your SEO return on investment can be measured by using analytics to track your progress and traffic. A good analytic tool will enable you to track the number of visitors to your site, the average amount of time they spend on pages and much more.

SEO takes time and enhancing your reputation with the search engines can take 3-6 months to see any results or even years in some cases.

SEO is also a moving target and once you have hit the spot for your chosen search phrases and keywords you would be foolish to think your job is done. Remember that your competition also wants to be top of the charts so you will need to continually monitor and develop your SEO to keep ahead of the game.

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